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I love talking to myself aloud, you might call me crazy but I think it’s the best thing in the world. I can have these wonderful conversations that I can’t have with other humans. I must say that I haven’t met anyone more fit to be my conversation partner than myself. 

homochrome: Also if you turn someone into your whole world, when they are gone you will have nothing.

Yes you are correct. Human beings come and go, and the only one that will be left is yourself. That is why we should turn ourselves into our world as we have to prioritize us firstly.

homochrome: Love your blog nn xoxo

Thank you so much dear. I am happy that my blog is liked by you!  

aguapapi: 61cy(.)tumblr(.)com/post/83274315161 HAPPY EASTER AND SHIT

I love you so much right now.

kkeut-kat-jji: /reblogs your blog/

Haha wow thank you for the best compliment ever. /saves this ask/

homochrome: I hope your day is going well~!

Thank you dear, I hope the same for you! 

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Anonymous: Have you ever had problems with drugs?

No I haven’t, not even been close to drugs, let alone seen it live.

Anonymous: Are you a boy or girl?

Biologically a female, but a believer of gender neutrality, and against social gender roles in society.

aguapapi: fuck you very much

No thank you, I ain’t into poor people

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1. I love nature, the only thing that makes really feel at ease is wandering in the forest or being at the lakes. In summer times I usually go deep into the forest and sleep there with even all the bugs crawling all over me, I just love the sound of the natural life.

2. I’m in love with all the seasons, however since the two recent winters, I have started to associate it to negative feelings, like loneliness and depression which makes me always wary of this coming season.

3. I adore the stars and the moon. Thankfully in the winter the stars and the moon are even more visible, so I always look up and admire their beauty.

4. I’ve noticed that I’m getting less shy and introverted in school. I talk to new people almost everyday without getting all panicked like before. I have started to stop caring about what others think about me anymore. That’s not relevant anymore.

5. I dislike movies, however not all of them. But most movies, I get easily bored and if I have the power to, I always fast forward it to the end because I don’t have the patience to wait until it ends. I always get surprised when I get interested in a movie and watch the whole of it.

6. I have really lots of makeup, especially lipgloss and lipsticks. Which is pretty funny since I never wear any makeup unless for special events. I have like 14 in total which is a lot. But I really do love it, since I like painting my lips.

7. I love nail polish, I have more than 30, and since I wear one for two weeks and thereafter change. I mostly remember events by the color of my nail polish.

8. I try my best to not be mean to anyone and judging. Even though my friends can be judging, I try to be as real as I can and not talk bad things about someone behind someone’s back.

9. I almost got a phobia of afghan boys due to my ex boyfriend. I felt like every afghan boy is a spy for him to spy on me since my ex was a bit controlling. And not only after we broke up but during the relationship as well.

10. I’m shortest in my whole family, and not my close family but even my relatives are taller than me. I don’t even know how come I’m so short when the guys are around 175 - 195 cm. Although the girls are shorter, I’m still the shortest!

submachineguns: My Sis is the prettiest (◡‿◡✿)

Thank you dear sis 

zeicchi: (*^ワ^*)//just being random, have a nice day/night.

Ahh, I thank you very much! Likewise! (⌒▽⌒)☆ 

Anonymous: I feel like I can seriously relate to you. I was teased for being alone & was laughed at by my peers who would sing "I'm so lonely, so lonely, all on my ownnnn~". To this day, I hate those people and that fucking song. Maybe to compensate for that, I surround myself with friends, but it ends up always feeling forced and fake. Even if you don't care about my story, just thought you might want to know that there's people who feel the same way you do too.

Exactly, I understand what you mean. Sometimes I feel like I only go and “befriend” people at random just to show others that I am not pitiful and lonely, which makes me feel even more lonely because those kind of friendship never has any depth.

Thank you for your ask, I really appreciate that you took your time to write about your own experiences and I am glad but still sad that there are people who feel the same as me, since I do know that this is not something you would voluntarily want to feel.

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It’s ok all of us will be busy now because of school or other things.

  1. I dislike to constantly follow people, I rather be on my own than always run after people who do not even wait for me.
  2. I can communicate perfectly fine with guys, but I am extremely shy when it comes to girls.
  3. I cannot open up for anyone, not even to people I have known since childhood, the person must be pretty damn special to make me feel comfortable enough to be myself with.
  4. I get jealous too fast when I see someone who’s better than me on playing piano or drawing.
  5. I’m jealous of my boyfriend’s face since he has a really pretty face that would even apply for a female, he has very long eyelashes and feminine eyes. If he heard me, I don’t think he would take it as a compliment though.